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Trailer: From Duniya to Deen

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According to an email I was sent today, the above trailer is for a “feature length project titled, From Duniya To Deen”; a film charting the course of The Deen Show Eddie’s journey to Islam. It is an intriguing watch, and I look forward to its release, insha’Allah. I just hope that the full version is as gritty as the trailer; this would certainly be a more appealing prospect to those who are interested in Islam, but don’t want to be preached at.

P.S., I couldn’t help but notice that a familiar face has once again been cast as the lead role in a Muslim production. :)


Student Film-Maker Mentorship Opportunity

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Thanks to sis Yasmeen of Campusalam for the ‘heads up’ on the following initiative:

Three Faiths Forum is recruiting London-based students from Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds for our DocuMentors programme.

DocuMentors provides students with an interest in film the opportunity be mentored by a professional film-maker and make vital contacts for future careers. Participants will gain access to high quality equipment and training as they work on their own film.

Last year participants worked with some of the biggest names in comedy – including David Mitchell, Omid Djalili and David Baddiel – in their film, “The Laugh Judgment”, about the relationship between faith and comedy.

We would be very grateful if you could circulate the information about the programme to your contacts, or recommend anyone you think we should approach.

Update: I just noticed that the deadline for application to the programme was 15th Nov 2010 – I only received the email yesterday, so I assumed that there was still time to enter! I recommend contacting the group anyway – even if it’s simply to register interest for future mentorships.

Islam Channel Film Festival

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Just saw this video, and had to share immediately:

I discussed this idea with Saima Hussain of Global Peace & Unity last year, and am really glad that they’re actually going ahead with it (not to imply that it was my idea – rather, she already had the idea… which we discussed… anyway).

I’m just a little annoyed that some of my suggestions were not taken on board… not that I aggressively promoted them or anything. But still. First, I recommended two main categories: amateur and professional. That’s because people like me – 100% amateurs – are going to be put off entering a race against media giants. Or even media freakishly tall people.

My second gripe is Read the rest of this entry

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