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An Interview with Baba Ali at the GPU2010 || @ummahfilms

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It’s finally ready… and it only took me several months to get round to editing it!

The girls from Sisters Film Club met up with Baba Ali at the GPU2010 for a short chat about his work on Half Our Deen, Ummah Films (including the response to their latest film release ‘Doctor Director‘), and the importance of the Muslim community’s relationship with the media.

Click here to listen to the mp3.

I originally edited the footage to produce a video, but some problems with the B-roll made me think a podcast release would be the better way to go. I think it still works – thus illustrating the importance of audio quality over video when filming interviews. :)


Zain Bhikha Shout Out Video

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As mentioned in the last post, we attended the GPU last weekend to do a bit of shooting for the blog, Our main goal was to interview Baba Ali, but we managed to catch a few seconds with the nasheed artist, Zain Bhikha too. Here’s the video:

Baba Ali Interview: A Sneak Preview

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Here are some screen grabs from our interview with Baba Ali of Ummah Films, at the GPU 2010. The main interview was shot using a Canon HV20, but I had the idea of using the HD video function of my iPod Touch 4G to capture some B-roll, from which the following stills were grabbed. Though the quality is no where near ideal, I think it is sufficient for B-roll, and the graininess could even add some character?

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Islam Channel Film Festival

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Just saw this video, and had to share immediately:

I discussed this idea with Saima Hussain of Global Peace & Unity last year, and am really glad that they’re actually going ahead with it (not to imply that it was my idea – rather, she already had the idea… which we discussed… anyway).

I’m just a little annoyed that some of my suggestions were not taken on board… not that I aggressively promoted them or anything. But still. First, I recommended two main categories: amateur and professional. That’s because people like me – 100% amateurs – are going to be put off entering a race against media giants. Or even media freakishly tall people.

My second gripe is Read the rest of this entry

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