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An Interview with Baba Ali at the GPU2010 || @ummahfilms

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It’s finally ready… and it only took me several months to get round to editing it!

The girls from Sisters Film Club met up with Baba Ali at the GPU2010 for a short chat about his work on Half Our Deen, Ummah Films (including the response to their latest film release ‘Doctor Director‘), and the importance of the Muslim community’s relationship with the media.

Click here to listen to the mp3.

I originally edited the footage to produce a video, but some problems with the B-roll made me think a podcast release would be the better way to go. I think it still works – thus illustrating the importance of audio quality over video when filming interviews. :)


Zain Bhikha Shout Out Video

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As mentioned in the last post, we attended the GPU last weekend to do a bit of shooting for the blog, Our main goal was to interview Baba Ali, but we managed to catch a few seconds with the nasheed artist, Zain Bhikha too. Here’s the video:

iPod Touch: HD Video Test Run

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I recently upgraded my iPod Touch, replacing my beloved, trustworthy first gen with a sleek, dare I say: sexy, 4th generation model, that finally features the same 720p HD video capability as the iPhone4. I hope to eventually create a short movie using footage shot on the iPod alone, as was done with the iPhone4 a few months back.

Here’s a three second clip I shot on the train home last night – no postprocessing, other than trimming. The guy in front of me was asleep, yet every so often he’d tap his feet. The funky shoes called to me.

Clearly, the quality isn’t good enough to warrant throwing out my Canon HV20! But I do like having a handheld device that can shoot better quality footage than my ancient mobile phone. It could be improved with some postprocessing jiggery-pokery. And of course, the provision of good lighting and a stable platform, (i.e., NOT an artificially lit, moving train carriage) would make all the difference too.

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Student || FOSIS Video Competition 2010

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The first production from the Sisters’ Film Club is a submission on behalf of Imperial ISoc to the FOSIS Video Competition – an annual contest open to all UK Islamic Societies. This year’s theme is “A Day in the Life of a Muslim Student“.

Due to competition time constraints (max. 2 min per video), the film has been split into two parts.

Part I: Time for Salat

Part II: Be A Hero

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