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Vimeo Video School

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The video-sharing website, Vimeo, has launched an online ‘school’ with videos on how to make good, err, videos! It looks way cool, masha’Allah. I can’t wait to watch them. Just as soon as I leave the office… ahem. :)

The only grumble is, the school web page doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed, or email subscribe option. Please leave a comment if you find it!


G-RAID Mini: Mmm… New Tech Makes Me Warm Inside

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The camera I use, a Canon HV20, films to mini DV tape. For editing, I capture footage to a 500GB LaCie Quadra drive, and access it via FireWire. I do this so as not to burn out the internal hard drive on my MacBook (as recommended by the Apple Store peeps), and also because HD footage takes up a lot of space. Alhamdulillah, this setup has suited me fine for a good 18 months.

However, in spite of taking this precaution, my MacBook hard drive still decided to conk out back in May, and ever since, I’ve been on the prowl for a new external hard drive to use for editing, so that I can use the LaCie as a Time Machine backup disk. As my hard drive failure also coincided with the setup of the Film Club, I decided that the new drive should be portable so that I could edit ‘on the go’, and more easily pass on footage to other SFC members, if and when the need arose. Further, I wanted the drive to be FireWire compatible, and spin at 7200rpm (as opposed to the more standard 5400rpm).

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Free Sound Effects for Your Production

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One of the most important aspects of movie-making is a good audio track. In fact, I would argue that sound quality is more critical than video quality. A one-second sound clip can improve the effectiveness of a scene by 100%. The following is a simple, low-res example from our first production, A Day in the Life of a Muslim Student.

Before, with the original recorded sound:

After, using a ‘boing‘ sound effect.

I found to be an excellent resource in this regard. They have short and long sound files that have the potential to really enhance your production, insha’Allah. Especially as the clips are free and of good quality. All you have to do is attribute the owner somewhere in your credits. Note: there may be some restrictions on use if you want to modify the sound, or if your project is commercial in nature – check the Creative Commons license that the user has applied to their file.

Know of anymore great sound sites? Leave a comment below.

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