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iPod Touch: HD Video Test Run

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I recently upgraded my iPod Touch, replacing my beloved, trustworthy first gen with a sleek, dare I say: sexy, 4th generation model, that finally features the same 720p HD video capability as the iPhone4. I hope to eventually create a short movie using footage shot on the iPod alone, as was done with the iPhone4 a few months back.

Here’s a three second clip I shot on the train home last night – no postprocessing, other than trimming. The guy in front of me was asleep, yet every so often he’d tap his feet. The funky shoes called to me.

Clearly, the quality isn’t good enough to warrant throwing out my Canon HV20! But I do like having a handheld device that can shoot better quality footage than my ancient mobile phone. It could be improved with some postprocessing jiggery-pokery. And of course, the provision of good lighting and a stable platform, (i.e., NOT an artificially lit, moving train carriage) would make all the difference too.


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  1. That is actually pretty good quality. I especially like how the saturation came out, the colors very vibrant.

    Seems that with proper lighting it should be definitely useful for short videos for the web.


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