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FOSIS Video Competition: The Results Are In… {Halal drum roll please}

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I attended the FOSIS conference yesterday for the video presentations. About 10 minutes before going on stage to hear the results, I became exceedingly nervous. It was one of those strange moments when raw gut feeling came into direct conflict with rational thought: I knew in my head that this wasn’t the Oscars, but could someone tell my heart that please? It’s about to burst out of my chest, Alien-stylee.

This was my first video competition – more importantly, SFC’s first competition – and as the lead on the project, if we lost to Cambridge, it’d be all my fault. That’s what made it suddenly so important. In fact, at one point, I was so sure Cambridge had won it – not because their video is significantly better than ours – but they simply got more laughs. What can I say: lota humour is lowest common denominator. [Ouch. Sorry, obligatory ISoc trash talk. ;)]

So when sis Yasmeen from Campusalam announced “Imperial” as the winners of the FOSIS video competition 2010, you could understand why the expression on my face was along the lines of “Huh? You sure?”. Of course, that only lasted about five microseconds, before the relieved grin broke out. I made a very bad acceptance speech – mainly because I didn’t have one prepared – but I did big up Sisters’ Film Club to the girls in the audience. We may have some new recruits, insha’Allah.

I don’t claim that our videos are the best thing to come out of Imperial… I personally think our 2008 entry was better. However, it’s a good first attempt from the SFC, masha’Allah – especially as none of us are close to being professional anythings. So any criticism should be taken with a pinch of salt, and hopefully offered with some understanding. Hint: “your videos suck” is not constructive criticism. And I am allowed to hurt you in response. Just sayin’…

Time to celebrate, learn from the feedback, and do even better next time, insha’Allah.

In terms of acknowledgements, first thanks to Allah as always. Alhamdulillah! JazakumAllah khair to everyone on production team, the actors, those who voted and those who shared the vids. Also big thanks to FOSIS, Campusalam, the judges, and even Cambridge ISoc for bothering to enter! I know you think you ‘woz robbed’, but I hope you won’t hate us for too long. ;)

In that respect, I really do hope more ISocs enter next year, insha’Allah. When Jonathan of Campusalam asked the audience if they thought they could do better than the Imperial and Cambridge entries, many exuberantly¬†shouted: “Yeah!!”. I couldn’t help mumble under my breath: “Well, why didn’t you?”. I mean seriously, we all had exams, coursework, project deadlines… but Imperial and Cambridge came through (even if Cambridge were three days late).

So ISocs of Great Britain, I say this with all love and respect: put your footage where your mouth is, and step up! :)


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  2. Yaay! Many congrats :)

  3. Assalamaualaikum
    Mabroook on the win! MashAllah the vids were great!
    congrats to Imperial and well done to cambridge, inshAllah next time more ISOCS will enter!


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