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A Day in the Life of a Muslim Student || FOSIS Video Competition 2010

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The first production from the Sisters’ Film Club is a submission on behalf of Imperial ISoc to the FOSIS Video Competition – an annual contest open to all UK Islamic Societies. This year’s theme is “A Day in the Life of a Muslim Student“.

Due to competition time constraints (max. 2 min per video), the film has been split into two parts.

Part I: Time for Salat

Part II: Be A Hero


  • Executive Producers: Mehzabeen I. & Nida H.
  • Director: Mehzabeen I., with kind assistance from Moazzam U.
  • Storyline Development: Mehzabeen I., Nicole A., Nadiah H., Zobia G., Zara H., Anhar M., Nida H.
  • Camera: Mehzabeen I., Nida H. & Zobia G.
  • Editing: Mehzabeen I.
  • Animation & Special Effects: Moazzam U.
  • Props & Costumes: Mehzabeen I. (+ her parents!), Nida H., Zobia G., Saira W., Soumayah M.
  • Sound effects: Beam, Bike, Boing, Brake, Cha-ching, Jackpot, Punches & Slaps, Scratched Record. Other sounds taken from Metal Gear Solid scheme created by yeti6593.

List of actors coming soon…

Filmed using a Canon HV20 on location at Imperial College London. Edited using Final Cut Express & Adobe After Effects.

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  2. mA and well done for setting up this film club! iA look forward to budding muslimah directors to emerge…

    Now for brothers to find their own niche…pantos perhaps hehe:D

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  6. Haha, mashaAllah that was good! :)

  7. :)

    It really does take heroic efforts some days to not miss your prayers while you’re working.

    Thank you for passing on an extremely encouraging message.

  8. Awesome. Finally got a chance to look back to these videos.

    I like the use of sound effects, and funny acting..

    What really caught my eye was the shot from the second part when the main character heard the adhan. Did you guys manually do that shot following all the way to the prayer room and sped it up/blur in AE (or Final Cut Express)?

    • Salam

      Yes! I walked all the way from where the ‘hero’ was standing on campus, to Imperial’s prayer room, all the time with camera in hand. I think it took about five mins (incl. crossing a busy road), hehe. :)

      Most of the video was edited using FCE. AE was used for the SFX. Finally have CS5 but need an excuse to use it. :)


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